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I gave up the gym in my 50s thinking it was all getting too late.    Working with Paul has been a revelation in terms of how the body can still respond to great coaching.

David Cochrane

Paul is a great trainer.  Since working with him I’ve become fitter, stronger and far more disciplined than I’ve ever been.  He’s also managed to instil more focus and drive in me which has helped me hugely at work.

Elizabeth Dobson

Already I see a major change in my body shape, and have found in Steve a good friend. Sessions with Steve may test your stamina and will power but they are peppered with laughter and quickly one becomes addicted. Steve is the one drug you can - and must - take on a regular basis.

Richard Roberts

Sam is that rarest of trainers - someone who has you rocking up to the gym every day, even if you don't really feel up to it, just because you love hanging out. I didn't just find a trainer, I found a mate, too.

Dan Hatch

I’ve been training with Steve since May and he has exceeded my expectations.I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. It changes your life for the better and Steve will lead you every step of the way!

Andrea Pearson

Steve may look mean and moody, but he’s a really great supportive guy; working with him I’ve learnt a lot and changed so much.  He has helped keep the gym interesting, fun and really helped me make changers to my body.  He knows when to push you and when you really do need an extra 10 seconds rest!

James Stewart