Fat Loss & Tone

We recommend 'Fat Loss & Tone' online training programs for real beginners who would like to control their weight and start to condition the body before moving on to one of the other online training programs.

With this online training program, you’ll be doing lots and lots of reps with very little rest, helping you maintain a heart rate which will be blasting fat and helping improve your aerobic fitness.

This is a first step or alternative to 'Functional & Endurance' style training to help reduce fat and increase the bodies stamina resulting in a good overall fitness level. 'Fat Loss & Tone' will also help increase lean muscle mass to shape the body but will not make you 'big and muscley' as the resistance level is always low.

'Fat Loss & Tone' online training programs are available in 'Starter to Intermediate' level over 2 days per week and 'Intermediate to Advanced' level over 3 days per week.