Functional & Endurance

This style of training has been proven to have the quickest and most effective way to shift those access pounds yet at the same time increase stamina. High intensity training hits both the aerobic and anaerobic systems, activating all energy systems and using the 3 types of muscle fibres.

This is recommended for the crazy peeps who love to push to the limit - 'Functional & Endurance' training is for all levels of ability but it’s not for the faint hearted! It takes 100% commitment and you will be totally battered at the end of your session. Newbie or super-advanced, these online training programs will push you to your limit but will get results.

This online training is tough but due to the strain you put your body through, you will quickly adapt and develop. This in-turn helps you become an absolute machine, seeing your fitness levels go through the roof along with your bodies overall efficiency. 

'Functional & Endurance' online training programs are available in 'Starter to Intermediate' level with one session per week and 'Intermediate to Advanced' level over 2 sessions per week.