Group Training

Group Training

At SW Fitness, we understand that starting on a fitness journey is exciting but it can also pretty scary. Gyms can be intimidating spaces, particularly if you lack confidence in what you’re doing. If you have low self-esteem or are very self-conscious, this can make things even harder.

So how about Small Group Training with some friends, colleage or a loved one? Not only will you have an amazingly supportive trainer, but you'll also have someone you people you already know to there too. 

Small Group Training is lots of fun and really can help alleviate some of the stress that some people experience when beginning their fitness journey. Working out with others takes away the isolation some of us experience when starting out but at the same time is comforting when things get tough.

I know from personal experience working as a small team is very rewarding, motivating and you feel really supported. There's a team spirit that makes you more determined to push yourself and you feel great supporting your team mates.

We have three great locations for you to choose from and groups can be 2-5 people. If you are interested in Group Training please click here to email us.