Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

SW Fitness and its approach works for everyone, and not just people in Central London.  If you’re in Newquay or New York you can still be part of the SW Fitness family. We have dedicated Online Training options from online coaching via Skype or phone and specific training plans for self-guided workouts. We want everyone to achieve their fitness goals.


Online Personal Training will be launching in late October 2017. Please join our mailing list to find our more and be the first to get these amazing programs.


How to choose online training

Starter to Advanced, what level are you?

We all try and think we know more than what we actually do, so time to drop the ‘Big I am’ and start your training journey at the right level, the level that will best help you achieve your objectives.

Don’t go buying one of our glossy fabulous advanced programmes when you’ve never really trained properly and on a regular basis, and even of you have trained on a regular basis you need to really questions how advanced you really are, not how many years you’ve been doing the same shit day-in day-out and walk round like your smuggling a couple of watermelons under your pits.

Time to really think what level you’re at and what programme will best suit your needs, outline your primary objectives then look over the programme descriptions. Each programme gives you something different, don’t go picking a strength and size programme when you want to strip fat and jump 6ft on to a big box.

All this info will help you choose your magical wondrous programme, but if you do have any questions about what to pick then contact us and we'll be more than happy to guide you.


Factors to consider when picking your SW Program



This comes with knowledge and time spent training effectively, we should all watch and learn from others, not only in the gym but also from online training info, books and magazines. Try new things, different techniques and methods to challenge the body. It all helps us to achieve our objectives.

Mind to Muscle Control

It's key to develop this skill, over time this talent really helps you to get the most out of the exercise through visualizing the muscle contraction when executing the rep. The better you are at this skill the more you can exhaust the body part your training. it’s good for compound lifts, even better for isolation exercises


I speak so many guys who want to start training a 5-day split prog, that’s okay if your conditioned to do so and your body is used to training one body part each session. But realistically Starter to Intermediate level gym bunnies don’t have the stamina to be able to last a whole session pumping the puppies.

Stamina comes with effective training, pushing the muscle and conditioning the physique, so be patient and make those sessions count.

Knowledge power, well certainly helps gain some. Gaining a greater knowledge about technique, the bodies physiology and nutrition will be a huge advantage in understanding how to become a well-oiled machine.


Levels for online training



It’s all very new and slightly confusing, your keen but pretty nervous. Don’t worry because we’ve all been shit scared when starting this journey. Purchase one of our lovely programmes, read over it, take a look at the video bank on Instagram SWFITNESSPREMIUM and familiarize yourself with the technique. Get your arse down the gym and do your thang, oh and don’t worry about everyone else because they’re all to bothered about themselves.



If you’ve picked an intermediate level you’ve been smashing out some good effective training sessions for quite a while. You should have seen significant changes to your body and now you’re ready to take it to the next level. Your diet should be pretty good and your meal prep should be the regular Sunday afternoon task.



Someone who has many of the skills I’ve mentioned, your training should be a way of life and you get slightly excited when its leg day. Cheat meals should be a luxury and you’ve not eaten lasagna in a good while. Training sessions should be serious tough and you come away feeling battered but amazing.