We have designed a series of Online Training programmes for people who want to discover SW Fitness, these have been designed around you and your goal.  You choose what's right for you.

Step 1 - Choose Your Goal

WHats included IN your programme

Nutrition and Diet

Knowing what to eat and the impact this will have on your body isn't always the easiest.  

With a diet plan configured around your goal with flexibility and helpful hints, you'll learn how to eat right.

Our diet plan will help you structure what you need to eat, how much and when, taking the guess work out of being successful. 

Exercises and Support

Depending upon your goal different exercises make all the difference.  The type of exercise, the number and the intensity are all important.

We have structured an exercise diary, to keep you on track, take the the gym and keep you focused.

Our Private Instagram channel will help us be there with you, giving you coaching when you need it.

how our online training compares

Not all online training is the same, you need to find one that suits your and your lifestyle.  Our training has been designed with our expertise, so that you have everything you need to make the changes you want.

HOW to choose your training

Our Online Training is as personalised as you can get, without us being on call.  Each Programme is configured around you, asking you where you want to get to and where you are right now to help you get there.

Step 1 - select your goal

Step 1 - select your goal

Step 2 - choose your experience

Step 2 - choose your  experience

Step 3 - choose the number of days

Step 3 -  select  the number of days to exercise

Step 4 - choose your weight

Step 4 -  choose  your weight