Based in Covent Garden, Central London, the SW Fitness team will help you achieve your fitness goals 

At SW Fitness, our focus is on Personal Training, - training that is individual to you, top-notch coaching in diet and exercise.No matter your goal, from losing weight to adding size and strength, or a total body transformation we can help.

Steve White and team will help you reach your goals, using tried and proven methods that have helped so many clients achieve success.

Everyone is different and has different goals. Starting on your Personal Training journey can be daunting , but it shouldn’t be - we are here to help you. The benefits of Personal Training are that we build a customised program that is based upon your specific goals, your needs and your lifestyle.  A program built around you is the best way to achieve success. We have helped so many people over the years obtain their fitness

Steve White

In your free trial session, we will:

- Get to know you, understand your goals and motivations

- Introduce you to our excellent fitness facilities

- Train you on a body part of your choice

By the end of the session you will understand us better, and most important we will understand how we can help you.