Andrea Pearson

I’ve been training with Steve since May and he has exceeded my expectations - I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. Every session is creative, challenging and pushes me to my perceived limits, gaining incredible results. He places a high value on form which is of paramount importance for someone like myself with a leg imbalance.

My focus is to bridge the gap between physique strength training and functional fitness. One size doesn't fit all. My balance and flexibility has improved immensely and the vision of what am working towards is starting to emerge.

If you're serious about changing your life for the better, Steve will lead you every step of the way!


Dan Hatch

I can't believe my luck. Finding a new personal trainer is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking: you're full of enthusiasm, ready to invest time, money and energy in your fitness goals, and the PT you pick can be the difference between success and failure. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Sam at SW Fitness. He's brilliant. I was a ‘skinny-fat’ guy who wanted to put on lean muscle. Sam's training and dietary advice meant I saw results in the mirror within a few weeks. He trains you hard, varies the exercises to keep things interesting, listens to your goals, and ensures you achieve them. (Although a success is really up you!) Fifteen months after we started training together, Sam has helped me achieve a physique that has given me a level of body confidence I've never had before. I'm 37 and this summer is the first time I've ever taken my shirt off in public. I can't thank Sam enough for that.

Lastly, Sam is that rarest of trainers - someone who has you rocking up to the gym every day, even if you don't really feel up to it, just because you love hanging out. I didn't just find a trainer, I found a mate, too. That's really the best bit. (Well, that and the way my clothes fit now!) I can't recommend him highly enough.

David Cochrane

"I started working out with Paul Rose of SWF Fitness about 7 months ago. Taking on an intensive course of personal training in later life is a daunting prospect. However, it was clear from the first couple of sessions that something very good could come of it. Within 2 months I had intensified my work-outs and become fitter, and stronger and learned a host of new exercises. Most transformational, Paul through his careful stretching and encouragement has me squatting and dead-lifting 100 kgs for the first time in 20 years of recurrent back problems.

The change to my legs and arse (hind quarters) is dramatic and bringing lots of compliments from guys 30 years younger than me. At the outset I was 83 kilos with 13% body fat. I am now 89 kilos with body-fat just below 10% and still falling. The definition has increased at an even higher rate. Paul's work on my core has given me extra strength and not least a tapered waistline and emergent six pack. Not least the approach, range of exercises and intensity carries forward into my solo my work-outs. All that said the sessions with Paul are enjoyable since he is very personable, laid back and fun.

I gave up the gym in my 50s thinking it was all getting too late. Working with Paul has been a revelation in terms of how the body can still respond to great coaching."

Elizabeth Dobson

"Paul is a great trainer. Since working with him I’ve become fitter, stronger and far more disciplined than I’ve ever been. He’s also managed to instil more focus and drive in me which has helped me hugely at work. He’s raised my own expectations of what I’m capable of because he always pushes me further than I think I can go - he doesn’t let you limit yourself.

Because he’s very knowledgeable across a range of fitness disciplines, he’s great at adapting your training to your particular needs and ambitions. He pays a lot of attention to detail and wants you to do the same. He’s also an incredibly nice person to work with: I’ve trained with him dozens of times and he’s never given me anything less than 100% of his attention and effort."

Richard Roberts

I had never set foot in a gym since the day I left school until last autumn when, after a series of personal traumas, I decided to give myself a better body for my upcoming 60th birthday.

I chose Steve as my PT because I saw him working with his clients in a way which was both empathetic and instructive. Six months on, I have really benefitted from Steve's total commitment coupled with his professionalism. To him every client is an individual who comes with their own challenges - mental and physical - and their own aspirations. Steve trains in a way that allows you to overcome your challenges and achieve the results you want. He believes in building firm core body strength then working on muscle groups.

Already I see a major change in my body shape, and have found in Steve a good friend. Sessions with Steve may test your stamina and will power but they are peppered with laughter and quickly one becomes addicted. Steve is the one drug you can - and must - take on a regular basis.