Strength & Size - Intermediate

There are two Strength & Size online training programs designed for someone who has progressed from the Starter to the Intermediate level. They should already be seeing results through their regular training. 

The 4-day per week program the body is split into Chest & Front Delts, Back & Rear Delts, Legs and finally Arms, a standard way to split exercises.

The 3-day day per week program is slightly different to a normal body split. This program is split into a Push Day, Pull Day and a Leg Day, great for those with limited time.

Over time, switching between the programs is a good way to keep the body guessing and see further progress.

You have two further options to personalize your plan. Firstly, choose the number of days you can train each week. Secondly, select the option for your current weight.

To purchase this online training program, simply select either 3 or 4-days and then the option for your current weight and click ADD TO CART. Once purchased, a personalized PDF booklet with your exercise and nutrition plan will be available.