Our training is quite simply about you! Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, increase lean muscle, change body proportions or become the next top physique model, we tailor-make all our training to meet your needs. No boring textbook plans here.

We begin with a full assessment of your lifestyle, your exercise history and an informal chat about what motivates and inspires you (you’ll need to be honest about the cheeky glasses of wine…). This information, alongside a physical assessment allows us to create your individual plan for success. Setting both achievable short and long-term goals is key to delivering the correct style of training for you – you’ll love it!

Based on your assessment, availability and preferences, either Stephen or another lovely member of the team is allocated to you as your trainer. We start with a “chemistry session”, giving you the chance to see what it’s like to work with your trainer and you get to see if you like us. Ongoing sessions are booked in blocks and we try to accommodate all schedules. All training and advice is overseen by Stephen and all Personal Trainers review client progress with him regularly – he likes to keep an eye on things! Training with Stephen is also available based upon availability.

1 to 1 Personal Training is typically delivered in hour-long sessions at Jubilee Hall Gym in Covent Garden. By prior arrangement it can also be delivered at your home or in one of the stunning outdoor parks and commons located within the South West London area, our preference is for gym-based training as this environment allows us to vary the exercises and style of training, however we are more than happy to look at options that suit you.

Our training will motivate and drive you to push hard and challenge yourself. You bring the commitment and dedication, so be ready to go the extra mile to get those results!


We offer Group Training and Boot Camps throughout the year that are fun, intensive and designed to push you to your limits. Our Group Training programmes are unique as we like to work in pairs or small groups based on ability and objectives. Most importantly, it’s fun!

We offer a range of Boot Camp training for any level. Whether you’re a “newbie” or a hardcore “tough mudder”, Boot Camps are a great way to get fit and meet new people. So don’t worry if you’re feeling a little self-conscious we all need to start somewhere. The sessions are perfect if you want to bring a mate or two.

Corporate Boot Camps are growing in popularity so if you feel your office needs to have some group bonding or a “complete beasting” why not book a corporate boot camp. Team exercise is guaranteed to motivate and bring your team closer together. It’s been shown to drive team performance whilst injecting a little fun at the same time.


Whether you’re in Newquay or New York you can still receive SWFitness expert training via our E-Training option.

To ensure that you achieve the best outcome we conduct the same initial assessment that all clients get but this time by Skype or phone. Just like our 1 to 1 Personal Training we expect your commitment and dedication and we want results. Of course, we stay in contact and monitor your performance closely, just like any London client.


To get results, nutrition is as important as training. The two work in conjunction, regardless of your goals – gaining muscle, losing fat, athletic conditioning, whatever! You will get less than optimal or even non-existent results without paying attention to both.

1 on 1 and e-training clients receive a nutrition plan following their assessments. If this is your missing piece in the fitness jigsaw, we can draw up a nutrition plan that will work hand in hand with your fitness goals to ensure you get the results from the hard work you put in.


Our merchandise will be available to purchase real soon.

Watch this space!!!