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Sometime at the beginning of last 2014, I noticed a new face (and body!) at my gym. He had an extremely impressive physique but a very friendly and approachable energy about him. It was of course Stephen White, who was to become my PT for nearly a year now.

I never put much faith in PTs as many of the ones I saw chatted more than trained people, and I questioned their results. But I was stuck in a rut after 18 years of regular strength training. I tried every technique and diet fad in the book hoping to one day find the one that would lead me to the physique I always wanted to have, but I was not getting anywhere. Sure, I had reached a “decent” level, but I wanted much more. I wanted excellence and not mediocrity. So I gave Steve a try because he was someone I could look up to and led by example, and I have not looked back.

My lean muscle mass has dramatically increased over the course of 10 months along with my vascularity and my body-fat percentage is down to single digits. Most of all, Steve has been excellent at improving my posture and the shape of my body. I now carry myself much better and feel like a million dollars, and this confidence is something money cannot buy. My father was so impressed by my progress, he too now trains with Steve, so it’s become a family affair! I am pretty pleased to be living, walking proof of what you can achieve with SW Fitness.

If you are serious about your training and really want to be the best you can be, don’t waste any more time with exercise fads. You need a highly talented, excellent and innovative PT, coach and training partner, something which I have found in Stephen White.


Matt Age: 35


As part of our preparation for participating in the Bingham Cup 2014, we approached Stephen on helping us increase our teams’ fitness and endurance. The Bingham Cup is one of the largest rugby tournaments in the world and we wanted to be sure that we have invested in looking at all the aspects of our preparation so getting the help of a professional was paramount.
Stephen came down to a training session reviewing our normal training activities and then delivered a comprehensive 8 week programme focused on building up our endurance and strength.
The programme was great – hard but fun too. Week on week, we did a range of individual exercises, circuits, gym work, even tug o war – all focused on rugby endurance and strength.
Stephen delivered on the brief and we went to Bingham Cup the fit and prepared for battle – whilst we didn’t win the Cup, we made it through to the semi-finals. Stephen’s programme, advice and guidance was a key component in one of our best tournaments ever.

Alex Smith, Kings Cross Steelers RFC


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Case Study


AGED – 44


I began working with Antonio on 17th November 2014.

He had been diagnosed with celiac disease (severe gluten intolerance) earlier in July.

His weight had accumulated over the years through poor diet, lack of exercise and the effects of the celiac disease, that when we started working together he weighed 120Kgs. Antonio had to make drastic changes to his diet, forcing him to take a serious look at his health, fitness and wellbeing.

He had started cycling again, after an almost 20 year break, and was keen to lose, weight, increase strength and condition the body so that he could progress through the ranks of the cycling club he had recently joined.


I first assessed Antonio’s new diet and recommended some minor adjustments to what was already a good balanced diet. Essentially, I needed to ensure that his calorie intake was at the appropriate level so he could always perform at optimum ability but at the same time lose weight throughout this process, so getting the correct levels of protein and complex carbohydrates was absolutely critical.

At the same time I had to instruct Antonio on the need to ‘Carbo-load’ on the days before his long weekend cycle rides. This was so that he would have sufficient energy to cope with the demands of sustained high-intensity sessions both in the gym and on his bike.

I then built a very specific twice-weekly workout program around Antonio’s cycling needs. With his focus, being that by May 2015 (6 months) he had to be able to ride 3 days back-to-back from London to Paris at an average of 25Kmh.

In addition to his workouts in the gym, Antonio was riding on average 100km per week.

Our first objective was to start developing good core strength and stability, crucial for any keen cyclist, as a strong core will enable the rider to transfer power more effectively to the pedals. As well as helping with ride posture, balance and handling of the bike, which all helps to reduce fatigue rates on those long rides.

At the same time, a lot of focus went into building strength and conditioning into Antonio’s legs. We needed to focus on helping him to generate the power output he would need to be able to sustain riding 160km each day for 3 days at an average of 25kmh.


We were able to precisely monitor Antonio’s progress towards his goals thanks to the use of advanced cycling technology. He uses a number of Garmin sensors on his bikes, as well as a heart rate monitor. Through Strava we were able to carry out detailed analysis of his efforts. Below are samples of Antonio’s actual data showing the monthly progression he was able to make through my training and guidance.

November 2014 (Initial data pre-training)

Description: nov_strava_data.tiff

December 2014 (After 1 month of strength and conditioning – increased power output, cadence and avg. speed)

Description: dec_strava_data.tiff

January 2015 (After month 2 of training – achieves first 100km ride with increased power output, speed and cadence – note that heart rate range also increases)

Description: jan_strava_data.tiff

March 2015 (After 4 months of training – power output, speed and cadence continue to increase)

Description: mar_strava_data.tiff

April 2015 (One month before the London-Paris ride – Antonio is regularly riding long distances, with significant elevation gains, with sustained high power output, cadence and avg. speed)

Description: apr_strava_data.tiff

June 2015 (Post Paris – all the statistics point towards sustained and continuous improvement in Antonio’s performances)

Description: jun_strava_data.tiff

In the short time I have worked with Antonio he has reduced his weight by 32kgs, not only did he reach the level required for the Paris ride but he smashed

This has been recognised by his cycling club (VCGH) awarding him the ‘Most Improved Rider of 2014’

He has rapidly risen through their ranks and now sits comfortably in the Moderate Ride Level Group (http://www.vcgh.co.uk/road/ridelevels).

My work with Antonio continues, as he recently set himself a new target for next year. He is looking to join his cycling club’s race team to race in The Surrey League at Category 4 level. To this end, we are currently revising his training program to build yet more strength and improve his endurance ability to help him achieve his ambition.


“Working with Stephen is always a pleasure. He takes the time to listen to my feedback so that we can continually adjust my program to sustain my continued development as a cyclist. Beyond just the cycling, the physical, health and wellbeing transformation has been nothing short of spectacular. In a relatively short time, Stephen has helped me go from being clinically obese and barely able to ride 50km. To a level of health & fitness that I last enjoyed in my late teens and early twenties. The down side (if there is one) it is costing me a small fortune in new clothes!”